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Undercounter Dishwasher with Atmospheric Boiler & Water Softener – 400145

Undercounter Dishwasher with Atmospheric Boiler & Water Softener

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Product Description

Main Features
· Built-in atmospheric boiler with rinse booster pump to provide constant water temperature and pressure for rinsing, independent from water inlet.
· Equipped with water softener having double sized resin containers for longer operating hours (up to 4 hours constant use) and long-lasting wash cycles without regeneration.
· Incorporated Soft Start feature to offer additional protection to more delicate items.
· Washing system endowed with rotating washing arms, high powered wash pump and large capacity boiler for professional washing.
· 4 second (variable) pause after washing and before rinsing ensures that no drops of unclean water will fall on the clean items at the end of the rinsing cycle.
· Fully automatic self-cleaning cycle avoids the risk of bacteria proliferation.
· 120/180 seconds cycle.
· Easy to remove wash/rinse arms and filter.
· Simple control panel with digital display allows on-site personalization of washing and rinsing cycle times and temperatures as well as precise rinse aid and detergent quantities to suit customer’s needs.
· Digital display with on/off and regeneration button, clean cycle and/or drain (when pump installed).
· IPX 4 water protection.
· Pre-arranged to accept external dispensers.
· Pre-arrangement for HACCP system implementation and Energy Management device.
· Three phase or single phase electrical connection, convertible on-site.
· Unit to feature smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning.
· 304 stainless steel boiler with higher welding protection to increase resistance to corrosion.
· PVC water supply hose with metal connections resistant to high water pressure.
· Completely closed on the back by a cover plate.
· Front and side panels, door and wash tank made in heavy duty anti-corrosive AISI 304 stainless steel.